Looking for sound bytes
Easily digestible
Leaving no trace on the skin
Devouring anything simple
Quelling the hunger


Rough Around the Edges

Desperately trying to be clever
A monkey with nothing up my sleeves
Standing on my head
Claiming I’m seeing everything fresh
That I’m revolutionary, individual.

“Come closer,” she whispers.
“Your comedy of intuition is done.”
Clamping down with iron control
Conformity smoothing out rough edges
Till I’m perfectly spherical

Staring out the window longingly
I see the lights decorate the city
As seemingly content
People mill from place to place
Their downpour on the inside

Hunting A Monster

Taking aim I put it all in the sights
Pulling trigger with determination
Heart pounding as I wait
For confirmation of the strike
Fury and hunger clawing at the edge

Between the seconds I dare
myself to stride into victory.
As I stand on the doorstep
I’m discovering myself quickly
Learning I don’t like the monster

I’ve conquered all I laid eyes on
Blood steaming on darkened soul
In twilight victory I revel
My claws burn to catch their prey
Feral, as I’ve become my hunt


I watch
You lift yourself

I wonder
If you would

I wait
For your loving

I grasp
For your strength

I lay
Wishing I could

I never
Could be you

My hand
You whisper of

My strength
But my heart

I stand
And you smile


Like a ghost I bleed through the moment
Desperate for attention I can’t handle
Momentary whisper, I pull you close
Demanding your undeserved love

Electric, your touch tears me apart
As I struggle to return, watch
From a frosted window, figures blurred
A dance of consequential relapse

Words fall hot from your mouth
Forming molten heaps on the floor
Obscurity becoming the enemy
Mouth agape as I feign understanding

And here I am, putting form before substance
A learned habit

Unable to articulate thoughts longer than a few syllables
Letting the plot fall apart within moments,
Knowing that this isn’t better, this isn’t right.

Small Talk

Today my eyes were opened wideI took it all and I bled inside.
Your hands seemed to push me down

I’ll step back and look around, look around
Feeling strong for a moment
Then the walls break and water rises.

(Singular, and multiple, the bakers dozen.
Nonsense dipped in no cents, 
dime a dozen words put on top. 
Sprinkle on conformity and you have
Small talk.

Poetic, disconnected, eccentric and
Passive. Innocent, heaven sent, massive.
Cardiac arrest smile, let your fangs sink deep.
Peaches and cream eyes, depths with your
Death in the overhang.)

So give me your hand
I will draw you out like
Wire through it’s length.
No faster, no slower,
No movement but it’s own.

Yours to keep, and mine to weep
Is innocence and poise.