In the Woods

Never sure where to begin, I spin slowly

Marking time within the question, hoping

To find a direction that will lead me home.

I refuse to admit to being lost in the woods

Simply more useless than a proverb.

Swallowing confidence and belief in self.

Taking the closest route, hoping that clarity

Will bless me once I’m past the fork dividing.

Knowing within I’m wasting time and again.

Mana from above leaves me asking about

Providence and the source of this journey.

Am I taking steps for myself or am i being led?

Trees begin to thin. Playing peekaboo with

The outside world and the dreams I hold.

Once I’m free from this I swear I’ll be better.

Safe at home I realized the truth. I was

Always lost in a maze of insecurity and

Unable to end in proper places I shrug.

Carrying on to the next place I call home.


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