I remember the day

We laid in the hammock,

Stared at the sky,

Dreamed of our future together. 

Looking back now

I have to laugh at us,

So bold to assume 

That we had any control

Over life’s path for us.

We’re nowhere near

Where we intended to be.

But I wouldn’t have it

Any other way

My love



Play upon my heartstrings, agonize the prose

Knowing full well joy, from you so freely flows.

Take my beating heart, pulled within my chest,

Whisper gently around me, giving only your best.

Wishing you sweet love, honey falling from heaven

Love pours down softly, stronger than we’ve been.

Lions and Mice

Like mice creeping closer, wondering

ears alert and ready for anything coming

Like moles hiding in the dark, digging

beds of loam and other material.    


    We are the ones you despise,

          We are the ones you forgot.

Turning our faces to the sun, hoping

The film over the eyes will melt, clearing vision

But it’s never that easy.
The lions enter, looking to devour,

Ripping dreams to shreds, so we hid them.

In the cupboards, filled to the brim.
Noses high, sniffing their way through
The clutter of life and finding the way

To our hearts.

     They’re sleeping there today

            They’re tearing at nerves.
They will never leave now, as the hunted

Remain as such, only now it’s our doubt

hiding around each corner.
No longer worried by society.

No longer do you have a place in hearts.

So society showed us how to let go of it all.
“For the best” they said.

“No need to fear, it will feel better.”
Waking to see me apart of what I hated, 

Conformity keeping feeling away.


Time and again I whisper,

To see what the dark whispers back.

Considering it disappointment,

Unless it speaks all that I lack.

For we all know the truth,

As we are candles in the dark,

Don’t stare too long friend,

As it will drive you mad as a lark.

Consider this your warning,

Careful what you shout into space.

You don’t know what’s coming,

Quickly, hungry to devour your face.


Silence sits upon my tender throat,

Devouring vibrations of attempted speech,

Preys upon cries for help, slithering down

Consuming hope radiating from the breast.

Spreading tendrils to the limbs, causing

Clasped fists raised in assumed anger.

Discerning despair and weakness whispered 

Into ears, echoing exhaustion into knees. 

Silence sits upon my heavy heart.

While I wish wearily for a chance to speak,

One solitary statement of shameless joy.


Uncertainty on wind above, 

Feeling it flow between

Fingers and strands of hair 

Striking through muscle

Leaving tiny cuts beneath.

Unable to breathe and mend

They fester, oozing 

Animosity and anxiety.

No medicine for this sickness,

Watching skin discolour 

Becoming paper thin,

Tearing at any painful word. 

Lashing out against

Differences, seeing them 

As a divide, a weakness.

Not grasping the truth

That pain is needed 

To triumph, to grow strong.

But no one listens.

Uncertainty digs itself in deeper