The bird cries hello, disappearing beneath

   Its wooden facade, marking moments.

   Time and time again, it screams to break

   Free from monotony, free from rules.

   I watch it flee again, back to its cage.

   Echoing sentiments, feeling so trapped.

   Locked in a cage, built on repetition. 

   Built on reputation, fearing the worst.

Glass house, meet the rock in hand.

   Worth two in the bush, doubling up,

   Coming to tear down what’s been 

   Established, expected, understood.

   Boldly through shards we walk,

   Thinking tearing it down is best practice.

   Revolutionaries of new age romance,

   Pick up the torch, burning bright.

Proclaiming the independence built

   From the wreckage of rebuilt dreams,

   All according to freedom and superiority.

   Knowing what’s best comes with youth,

   Treating those experienced with contempt.

   Blindly pursuing whatever’s wanted,

   Dreaming in technicolor and success.

Blind to the pain dragging behind, carcass’

   Of those who came before proudly shown.

   Not grasping intricacies destroyed by

   Bludgeoning liberty fists, pounding hope

   Into the streets, till they’re running red.

   Drank the blood, declaring its flavour

   Akin to nectar of Gods themselves.


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