War Within

Throw down the easy peace, standing as a testament

To days of ignorance and arrogance.

A roadblock to the future, darkening the door we open

Taunting the very life used to grow strong.

Sense of anxiety, sitting deep within the chest.

“What if this is all we have?”

Whispering to the times we felt proud in their easy gaze

“Maybe it’s best to not go outside.”

I want to say I can cast aside the shell of rigid formality,

Stand tall amongst the regiment.

I’ve always been weak willed, giving in to the slightest doubt.

No wonder I stand in the shadows.

Watching the city burn, standing in a black snowfall.

Doubting I could’ve done better.

Death beside me, hand upon my shoulder, keeping me rooted.

Constant reminder of the cowardice.

Catching my death by the tail, inviting it to feast before it’s claimed its due.


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